If you have cellulite, you’d like to banish, and you aren’t alone. Many women of all ages have cellulite on their legs, buttocks, or stomach. Cellulite occurs when fat cells bulge through the skin’s outer layer, creating a dimpled, rutted appearance. Learn how to significantly reduce cellulite on thighs, buttocks, and abs with lifestyle changes, skincare products, and unique treatments.

Things You Should Know

  • Drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables, consume foods with healthy fats and Omega-3 fatty acids, and avoid anything fried or high in salt and sugar.
  • Try a new exercise routine that focuses on weight training and high-intensity running.
  • Skincare regimens like dry brushing your skin, bathing in lukewarm water, moisturizing, or spray tanning can reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • A professional body shaping treatment or injectable can also help reduce cellulite.

Drink plenty of water. Hydrating your body keeps your skin cells looking fresh and renewed, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to ensure your system gets all the water it needs.

  • Start drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning before you have your morning coffee or tea.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you as you go about your day. Remember to refill it often.

Eat fruits and vegetables. A diet filled with healthy fruits and vegetables will help you keep your weight down, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Fruits and vegetables also have a high water content, so they help keep you hydrated, too.

  • Have a spinach smoothie for breakfast. Blend a cup of almond milk, spinach, half a banana, and a kiwi or handful of strawberries. This high-powered breakfast will keep your energy level high, and it’s a great way to get a serving of vegetables at breakfast.
  • Eat plenty of raw vegetables. Raw salad greens, broccoli, carrots, and other vegetables contain nutrients, antioxidants, and water. If you make them the mainstay of your diet, you’ll see a difference in the amount of cellulite you have.

Eat healthy fats. Cellulite is caused by the fat just under the skin, but if your skin is toned and healthy, the cellulite won’t be as noticeable. Foods like olives, nuts, avocados, fish, and olive oil contain omega-3 fatty acids essential for healthy skin.

  • Consume Omega-3 fatty acids. Since we eat fatty foods or at least foods filled with all kinds of fats all the time, consuming the proper fatty acids and neglecting the ones harmful to us is vital for a complete recovery from cellulite. Pasture-raised meats, dairy products enriched with Omega-3, Edamame, wild rice, canola oil, or walnuts are only a few of the many foods that are rich in this fatty acid and should be consumed in large quantities for complete removal of cellulite.

Avoid foods that lead to more cellulite. Foods that cause you to gain weight and retain water increase the amount of cellulite you have.[2] Avoid the following foods to prevent more cellulite from appearing:

  • Fried foods like french fries, fried chicken, and onion rings.
  • Packaged snacks like corn chips, potato chips, cheese puffs, and pretzels.
  • Foods high in salt, like canned soup or dips and dressings, cause you to retain water.
  • Foods high in sugar, like candy, baked goods, and soda, cause you to gain weight.
  • Alcohol, especially when paired with a sugary mixer like soda or cranberry juice, can cause you to gain weight and retain water.


Incorporate weight training. Weight training, unlike cardio exercises, tones the muscles under your skin and causes it to look more taught. This can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Buy free weights and perform exercises to tone your thighs, buttocks, and abs. If you have cellulite on your arms, perform arm exercises as well.
  • Join a gym and work with a trainer to increase the amount of weight you lift over time. Contrary to common belief, lifting heavier weights fewer times, rather than doing a lot of reps with lighter weights, is better for building muscle.

Do high-intensity exercises. Pairing weight training with exercises that get your heart pumping leads to the production of lean muscle mass, which will cause your thighs and buttocks to look smoother over time. Try the following exercises after doing a light warmup:

  • Do outdoor sprints. Measure a distance of 14 mile (0.4 km) on your street or at a nearby park. Sprint that distance, take a 20-second break, sprint it again, and repeat for a total of 4 sprints. As you improve, add more sprints to your workout.
  • Sprint on your treadmill. If you work out indoors, use a faster setting on your treadmill to sprint for about 3 minutes. Increase the speed as you improve over time.
  • Do bike sprints. Using either your bicycle or a stationary bike, ride uphill for a few minutes as fast as possible.


Start dry brushing your skin. Dry brushing improves your circulation and helps your skin get rid of toxins, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Buy a body brush made with natural fibers and make dry brushing a part of your morning routine.

  • Make sure your skin and the brush are both dry before beginning.
  • Starting at your feet, brush upward toward your heart. Concentrate on areas with a lot of cellulite, like your thighs and buttocks. Brush your arms from your hands to your shoulders. Brush your stomach in a clockwise circular motion and your arms upward. All brushing movements should be made towards your heart to encourage the return of blood and lymphatic flow.
  • Take a shower after brushing to wash away the dead skin cells and toxins that have risen to the surface.

Improve your skin tone. Taking measures to make your skin look tight and healthy doesn’t eliminate cellulite, but it can go a long way toward temporarily reducing its appearance. Try the following techniques:

  • Bathe in lukewarm or cool water rather than hot. Cool water tightens your skin and makes it look more toned.
  • Moisturize your skin with a product that contains caffeine. Buy a cream or lotion that contains at least 5 percent caffeine, which is said to improve skin tone and decrease the appearance of cellulite.
  • Use another topical product designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Many creams and lotions on the market are explicitly designed for this purpose.
    • Use a spray tan product. You can reduce the appearance of cellulite by making the color of your skin look more even. Choose a spray tan product, just a shade darker than your skin. Make sure to apply it evenly over your legs, not just in the areas where you have cellulite.
    • Consider Getting a Professional Treatment
    • Try an injectable. This treatment involves injecting a formula of vitamins and minerals into the skin to make it look more even. The solution breaks down the fat deposits just below the skin’s surface.
    • Go for a body-shaping treatment. These use lasers, massage rollers, and radio frequency energy to break down the fat deposits. They also stimulate collagen production in your skin, leading to a tighter, more toned appearance.
    • Avoid liposuction and other fat removal surgery. These may help you lose weight, but they can increase the appearance of cellulite by making the tissue under the skin more uneven. 
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