A Letter from Santa Claus



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The Perfect gift this Christmas:

A Letter From Santa

Moms and Dads! 

Read thoroughly, please:

Ask your child to write a letter to Santa,

  1. Take a photo of it, and email it to us with your
  2. Full name and postal address, (make sure to hide it so they do not find it afterwards)
  3. a photo of your family,
  4. the age of the child,
  5. and which grade they are in.
  6. Special achievements?
  7. Behavior this year?
  8. Where is the recipient spending the day of Christmas?
  9. Names of the people he/she will be spending Christmas with?
  10. What is their Christmas wish, and are you buying/getting it for them or not, and why?
  11. What message do you want Santa to give them?
  12. Do you have a chimney?

Very important to Let us know if you have a chimney or not.

The elves can send you a magical key to hang on your front door on Christmas eve so Santa can enter your house with no chimney! 

SANTA CLAUS AND HIS ELVES will reply on beautiful stationery with a personalized letter plus extra magical mystery gifts in your envelope! 

All letters are handwritten!


Available worldwide! 

Delivery takes +- 14 business days


  • A beautiful handmade Christmas tree family photo ornament
  • “Believe” bauble for your tree
  • A “wish” bracelet
  • Naughty or Nice certificate
  • A Magical key for Santa with a poem from Santa’s Elves
  • Personalized handwritten Letter from Santa

After your order has been paid, we will send you a confirmation and email address to send all information.