Once upon a time, there was a woman with a dream… and here is the story.

We have Launched, and Let me tell you what a journey it has been!

I have been busy with this idea for this website since 2017! Yes, that long! Whenever I thought I was done, something else jumped into my creative brain to make this the most successful site for women. It has been draining but fun! Let me give you the history of the details.

My Beautiful daughter was born on 9 May 2017. I immediately knew I did not want to send her to daycare and miss all of her milestones! I had to create something that would bring enough income for the family and that I would love doing because I am one of those stubborn women who will do anything I have to to get my way!

A big Thank You to my hubby, who stood by me so far and supported all my ridiculous dreams to get where I am today.

This site has been redone four times! Yes, four times! Every single one had different ideas and features, and I am finally happy and content with what it is now and what it will become.

Do not let anyone tell you that your dreams are impossible BECAUSE IT IS NOT! Be consistent, fierce, and stubborn until you have achieved what your heart desires. If someone tells you it is a ridiculous idea, continue with your head up and take it on like a warrior! Someone told me the other day that I do all these different things, but I have nothing to show for it. Yes, it hurts but inside, after it settled down, I was laughing at that evil creature inside because I thought I would SHOW THEM IN SILENCE! One of these days, they will choke on those mean words because I know this is it! It is my time to shine, and it will be my biggest accomplishment yet.

So Goddesses of the world: What is this all about?

This Beautiful and Mystical site is for YOU!

It is our sorority to shine, to have a voice, and to prosper!

If you are making products or selling things from home, you can now open your own shop on this site. We charge R29 per month (which comes with all the website’s perks) and for each product you sell, We only charge you 15% commission and 5% transaction fee and R10 payout (only when you make sales) per sale to cover our transaction costs. You may list as many products as your heart desires.

There is a referral program that you can sign up for. You will get paid R5 per paid Goddess that you referred.

I am busy creating groups for various discussions, from polymer clay groups to music to healthy menus for dinners and lunches! There are going to be a lot of topics to join. There will be groups where you can place your Instagram and Facebook links so we can help you grow.

Where are my Godesses that love to write stories as a hobby? Submit your fiction and romance short or long stories to info@enchantress-studio.com for us to check them out, and if the grammar and storyline make sense, you can sell them in our Romance and fiction book nook.

YOU ARE HERA has a Trimonthly magazine with lots of interesting information and a platform for goddesses to advertise their businesses.

When you have a moment to yourself have a peek through this site. You won’t be disappointed.

I have my own shop as well full of mystical and mysterious goodies and jewelry and all my novels will be published in my shop. The ebook versions will be available soon and the hardcovers will follow.




Thank you for reading



The creator of Enchantress Studio – YOU ARE HERA

Leandra de Wit