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Today we will discuss how you can make money from home making decadent desserts in cups. 

So yesterday we discussed kids party planning right, and all those parties will need yummy desserts to go with them. Even if you do the desserts without any party planning it will bring you some extra cash in every month.  

These desserts is really easy to make and the cups you can purchase from HERE. 

You can get the recipes on Pinterest or you can create your own. 

These desserts is basically a layered dessert in a cup and people love them!

Here is a few ideas that is very popular at the events I host.

1. Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie 

2. Caramel Banana Pudding 

3. Rocky Road 

4. Caramel Cheesecake 

5. Strawberry Chocolate delight 

6. Peppermint Crisp 

7. Caramel Oreo delight 

8. Malva pudding with custard 

9. Strawberry cheesecake 

10. Lemon cheesecake 

11. Peanut butter fudge caramel 

12. Vanilla Fruit cake 

13. Chocolate Mint Mousse 

14. Death by Chocolate 

15. Breakfast fruit granola yoghurt cups

So go and advertise your new venture and get some extra cash in your pocket!

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