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Do you have a massive yard you are not using to its full potential? What if I tell you that you can make significant money every weekend with your yard? 

It is soo easy, and all you need is time for preparations and hosting an event. 

You hire the Marquee tent, flooring, tables, and chairs. You set it up, decorate it according to your client’s preference, and make money. I charge $1300 for my functions, and my expenses are $586.00 plus or minus. My profit is always $714 or more. The more you use your suppliers, the more discount you receive too. A lot of work goes into the functions, so do not feel bad for charging more. People pay because they know how much work goes into the planning, and they are not up for it to do it themselves.

Be on the lookout for my event planning ebook course that will be available in my shop in February 2023. It will give you the full details of what you will need to do functions like the ones I did in my photos. 

In the meantime, check out my Party Decor Printables in my shop for various themes to use for your functions! There are from straw flags to party boxes and more!

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