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Today’s post is how you can make money organising events at different venues. It is easier then you think and can be very lucrative for you! I have been doing it for years now and it works. 

Steps to take:

  1. Set up meetings with the owners of numerous venues and discuss pricing to rent a space with them for your functions. 
  2. Make sure you cover the important details like are you allowed to bring in your own food and drinks or must you purchase it from the venue. Go for the venues that allows self catering and where you are allowed to bring your own drinks if they charge you rent. From experience my clients like to bring their own food and drinks because it works out much cheaper for them. The way you make money you can find in my ebook course coming soon in my shop!
  3. Decide on the function you are hosting and have fun decorating and hosting! 


Before you start planning, make sure to stay organised. have a folder or list on your computer to keep track of all the details.

Pick a theme. Every event has a theme. A work Christmas party or a 50th Birthday party. You can choose to do a princess birthday party or a blue and silver Christmas party. You can pick anything… Christmas in Hawaii theme? Play around and have fun.

Pick a date. Choose an appropriate date for the event.

Guest list. Make a guest list so you know approximately how many people will be invited to the event.

Venue. When you are having 300 or more people to an event, it is very unlikely you will want to do it at your home. Choose a venue that will hold the amount of guests you need. Always take a look at the venue yourself. you want to make sure it really looks like the pictures say. Ask if they do their own catering.

Invitations. Once the venue is booked and you have the date and guest list, it is time to find invitations you like and send them out to all your guests.

Caterer. At this point you need to find a caterer if the venue doesn’t supply the refreshments and meals required at your event. Choose a caterer with experience. Always go meet the caterer before you hire him/her and ask them questions, and make sure you try their food.

Decorations. This is the time when having a theme comes in handy. Think about centerpieces, tablecloth rentals, napkins, choose the colors. Hanging decorations, Do you want to have a photo-booth area? where is the dance floor going to be? the bar? do you want to have a banner relevant to your company or event theme? Are you going to do party favors on the tables?

Entertainment. Getting a good DJ or band can make or break your event. Ask around look for someone who is highly recommended. If you plan to have a raffle, ask if they will raffle off the items for you. As far as DJ’s go, you get what you pay for.

10 Double check your organisation and guest RSVPs. You may need to reserve a block of rooms at a hotel, maybe your event is in a hotel, they should be giving you discounts for having the guests stay there and using their ballroom.

11 You may need to hire a shuttle service, or you can also alert taxi companies to come by your venue regularly.

12 Call all vendors before the event, call the caterer, linen rentals, decorator, florist, photo-booth, DJ, or band and let them know you look forward to seeing them in a day or two

13 Set up. If you can start setting up a day or two before that makes things easier the day of. If someone else is set it up for you, be very specific and draw a layout of what you want to see.

14 Sit back and Enjoy your Event.

Reference WikiHow.com

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