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Today we will discuss how you can make money from home by Planning Kiddies Parties and events. 

It is so much easier than you think. You can literally make this a full-time job if you do this properly. 

There is always someone’s kid that is having a first birthday and the parents want to go all out for it. Even the Second, third, and the list goes on. 

We will just cover the basics in this post and I will have a proper course in the shop soon that will give you all the knowledge you need to be successful in planning kids’ parties.  

First things first. 

  1. You need a website to look professional. 

You can start a free website with wix.com or WordPress. 

  1. Get business cards made with all your contact details on them. 
  2. Advertise your services everywhere and every day!
  3. Put together a catalog of party themes you can do.
  4. If you are using other suppliers make a list of them all and ask them for set pricing so you can work them into your own packages for your clients. 
  5. Try and do a complete walk-in and out service for your clients like decorations, cake, venue, entertainment, photography, music, food or snacks, party packs, invitations, balloons, cutlery and crockery, tables and chairs, party favors, clean up and the setup. You will get a lot more clients this way. 
  6. Send your clients a complete schedule of the day’s activities.
  7. Keep in contact with your clients to ensure everything is going according to plan. 

Kids’ trends are always changing so try and stay on top of it. Check the latest kids’ movies coming out because that are the themes that will be 80% of the trend for parties at that time. Make sure you know where to get that specific decor from. 

Check out my shop for amazing printable kids’ decor in different themes!

There are quite a few themes from Paw Patrol to The Little Mermaid and more!

and more!

These Printable are all you need to throw the perfect party.

Keep an eye on my shop for the full course coming out in February 2020. 

Thank you for reading today’s Work from the Home idea.